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The Research Unit of the University of Catania involved in this project is with the Department of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications ("Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica e delle Telecomunicazioni"). The Unit is made up of researchers with a well-established know-how in the areas of industrial communication, real-time networks, wireless networks, distributed embedded systems.


Prof. Lucia LoBello

Phone +39-095-7382386

Lucia Lo Bello received the M.D. in Electronic Engineering in 1994 and the PhD degree in Computer Engineering in 1998, both from the University of Catania, Italy. During the academic year 2000-2001 she was a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Computer Engineering of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. She is currently an Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of Catania. Her research interests include real-time systems design, wireless networks and sensor networks, factory communication, distributed process control systems and embedded systems. She is a member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and co-Chair of the "Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Networks in Industrial and Factory Automation" Subcommittee of the IEEE/IES Technical Committee on Factory Automation. She is a member of Subcommittee 65C, Working Group 11, of the International Electrotechnical Commission for the standardization of Real-Time Ethernet. She is the responsible for the University of Catania of the of the FP7 ICT STREP flexWARE. She has also been responsible for several national and international projects dealing with real-time embedded systems and real-time communication over wired and wireless networks. Since 1994 Prof. Lo Bello authored or co-authored more than 90 technical papers published on international conferences, books and journals in the area of real-time systems, factory communication and distributed systems.

Prof. Orazio Mirabella

Phone +39-095-7382361

Mirabella Orazio, received the Master Degree in Physics, on July 1971 from the University of Catania. From 1994 is "Full Professor" of "Computer Networks" at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Catania. The main research activities of Prof. Orazio Mirabella are in the area of real-time communication systems and hard real-time process control systems. In such a context Prof . Mirabella has studied problems related to the integration of Fieldbusses into process control systems, has evaluated the ability of Fieldbusses for supporting communications in industrial plants,and has developed some scheduling algorithms for process control. Prof. Mirabella has also studied problems related to wireless networks and their use into Process Control Systems with particular reference to Bluetooth and WiFi. These activities have been performed under grants with ENEL-Centro Ricerche di Automatica in Cologno Monzese, with ST-Microelectronics in Catania and inside EU projects, such as Esprit project 6188 PRIAM, Esprit project 8244 EIAMUG, Esprit Project EP26951 NOAH. From 1982 Prof. Orazio Mirabella is member of the Sub committee SC65C/WG6 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) working on the definition of Standard time-critical Networks.

Dott. Ing. Emanuele Toscano

Phone +39-095-738-2386

Emanuele Toscano was born in Catania, in 1982. He received his bachelor degree in 2004 and his master degree in 2007 from the Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Catania, Italy. Since January 2008 he is a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of Catania. His major research interests are performance evaluation of wireless network protocols and design of energy-efficient QoS-enabled communication protocols for WSNs.

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