Title: Location-based Handover in Cellular IEEE 802.11 Networks for Factory Automation

Conference: ETFA

Year of publication: 2010

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The use of wireless technologies in Factory Automation is attractive due to several advantages (mobility, cost, etc.); however, to satisfy the requirements of industrial applications, they have to be improved in terms of real-time performance. Handover is a particular weakness in cellular wireless systems, e. g., in IEEE 802.11, since it may introduce delay beyond acceptable bounds. The project "flexWARE - Flexible Wireless Automation in Real-Time Environments" aims at implementing such an infrastructure based on IEEE 802.11. To enhance overall system performance, it offers a localisation service. In this paper we present the flexWARE handover mechanism which exploits localisation to reduce the discovery phase. A performance evaluation, based on simulation and empirical measurements, shows that the mechanism results in a seamless handover for a class of industrial applications.

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