Title: IT Security versus real-time capability - the flexWARE approach

Conference: ETFA

Year of publication: 2010

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Security becomes more and more importance in the area of industrial automation, particularly if wireless technologies will be used. Wireless automation itself promises flexibility and scalability. But, in time critical applications the wireless technology has to fulfil a certain amount of performance related requirements. Taking into account these performance related requirements and also the security related requirements, this situation challenges to the design of security strategies, particularly in the development phase.

Therefore an overall development strategy will be defined which deals especially with security and realtime requirements. A trade-off has to be solved because security and real-time functionality do not match.

This article presents results of the security concept for flexible wireless automation in real-time environments devised in the flexWARE project. It includes the results of the security requirement analysis, a briefly description of a risk-based design approach and describes innovative development methods and techniques which are used to develop a secure real-time capable flexWARE system.

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