A major objective of flexWARE is the dissemination of all knowledge created within the project. To this end, a flexWARE Interest Group (FIG) has been established as an integral part of the project. Its function is to ascertain market expectations and requirements and broaden the project scope by having direct contact to and feed-back from potential users of the developed technology. Another purpose of the FIG is to serve as an advisory group to provide inputs on possible applications and user requirements on a European level. The FIG is intended to be an open group; potential members (industrial, academic, private) are welcome to join at any time during the project.

Why should a company or organization become a FIG member?
Your benefit joining the flexWARE Interest Group and answering the "FIG questionnaire" is that your needs and opinion will be considered within the flexWARE project. FIG members will have early access to the project results and will be involved in the review and discussion of the system requirements, specifications, implementation of the prototype platform, and the field test.

Membership types
Main function of the FIG is to ensure the alignment of the project with market needs. To achieve this goal, we propose you several levels of involvement.

  • Level 1: you answer to the "FIG Questionnaire".

    Your benefits: you will allow us to take your needs into consideration within the flexWARE project. You will receive a newsletter at each milestone to inform you on the project progress and results. You will get access to some information on the system architecture and specification, available only for FIG members.

  • Level 2: you want to participate actively in the review and discussion of the system requirements and specifications.

    Your benefits: same as Level 1 + you will have the opportunity to influence the project to match your direct expectations.

  • Level 3:you want to be involved in the specification of the prototype platform and you might be interested in testing it in your industrial facilities.

    Your benefits: same as Level 2 + the project results will directly correspond to your industrial environment.

Membership dues
Membership to the FIG is free.

Applying for Membership
If you are interested in participating in the flexWARE Interest Group, please fill the on-line form. We will then contact you and send you the "FIG Questionnaire".


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