Connect Blue (cB, SWE)

Norra Vallgatan 64, 21122 Malmo - Schweden

Phone +46 40 6307100 / Fax +46 40 237137

A leading provider of wireless solutions in industrial and commercial applications

Product overview: based on Bluetooth technology, WLAN and 802.15.4 ConnectBlue provides ready-to-use products and OEM modules


Dr. Mats Andersson - CTO connectBlue AB

Phone +46-40-630-71-05

Mats Andersson is born in July 1955 and received his Master in Electrical Engineering 1979 from the Faculty of Engineering, LTH of Lund University Sweden. Mats is acting as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at connectBlue AB, Sweden. He has more than 20 years experience in the field of industrial Automation and wireless communication. This includes managing development of industrial automation products at ABB. Mats Andersson is the connectBlue representative of in standardization committee trying to establish an Industrial Automation Profile for Bluetooth.

Dr. Henric Lindén - Product Manager Wireless LAN

Phone +46-40-630-71-17

Henric Lindén is born in August 1970 and received his Batchelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1991 from the Faculty of Engineering of Jönköping University. He has been working with embedded design and architecture within the industrial, military, and automotive segments for the last 15 years. The focus has always been on wireless technologies. Henric is currently the Product Manager for Wireless LAN products at connectBlue.

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