Work Package Number: 7

Work Package Title: Dissemination and Exploitation

Activity Type: RTD

Leader: schn


This WP deals with the planning, design, and implementation of the dissemination and exploitation policies in the project. Dissemination of the project outcomes is an important task that will contribute to make potential customers (represented in the End User Group) understand and appreciate the technology. This will include all questions on standards and public dissemination of the project results. Besides normal scientific dissemination tools (publications in conferences and workshops), special dissemination activities will be planned and promoted to address selected user groups and non-technical audiences. Exploitation activities conducted by the industrial partners will encompass market considerations for the preparation of a later business model. An essential exploitation goal of the project is to actively influence the standardisation processes in the area. Input will be provided in a timely manner to include preliminary (according to the standardisation schedule) and final project results in standards like IEEE 1451, ISA-SP100 and IEEE1588.

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