Work Package Number: 4

Work Package Title: Wireless AP and Node development

Activity Type: RTD

Leader: AAS


This work package belongs to the system implementation phase. The main goal is the development of a WLAN access point and a WLAN node prototype, which can be managed by the real-time communication controller developed in WP3. Therefore it is necessary to realise a protocol for communication between APs and the real-time communication controller. The implementation encompasses and realises the wireless communication specification defined in WP2. This includes the ability of devices to support mechanisms to ensure a certain QoS such as admission control, suitable scheduling algorithms and a TDMA based communication. Another important aspect in the context of QoS is an advanced roaming mechanism, which should be developed and investigated. Finally, security related issues will be taken into consideration, since these have a major impact on the roaming performance. To meet all specified requirements it is indispensable to develop a WLAN MAC in terms of an IP-Core, because WLAN mainstream chipsets are not capable of all needed features. The IP-Core can be utilised in both the AP and the node.

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