Work Package Number: 3

Work Package Title: Real-time Communicaton Controllers

Activity Type: RTD

Leader: ore


This work package includes tasks to implement the integrative aspects of the system concept of WP2. It will deal with the implementation and integration of inter real-time communication controllers communication. Besides, it is mandatory for network management to have the ability to communicate with existing APs and provide them configuration data, network information and real-time related parameters. Therefore a protocol is needed and has to be implemented. Ongoing standardisation activities within the CAPWAP task group of the IETF will be observed and taken into consideration for inclusion in our system. Moreover, security measures concerning all parts of the system as well as network management and roaming will be implemented. Features relevant for a sufficient QoS and reliability of data transmissions, such as available resources in different cells of the network and monitoring of the RF environment are also part of WP3. For many functionalities of the system, e. g. TDMA based communication or localisation services, it is of vital importance to have a common sense of time throughout the whole system. This will be guaranteed by developing virtual clock synchronization and hardware timestamping units and will result in highly synchronized and precise clocks within the communication controllers.

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