Work Package Number: 2

Work Package Title: System Concept and Specification

Activity Type: RTD

Leader: ifak


The objective of WP2 is to elaborate the architectural design and specification defined in Task 1.2. This work is done in two directions: integrative as well as with focus on specific implementation details. The integrative objectives deal with horizontal and vertical integration. Special respect will be drawn to issues like security, roaming, real-time requirements, constraints and limitation of wireless networks. The specialising activities will concentrate on setting up development specifications from the requirements setup in WP 1. Topics in particular are design concepts for enhanced wireless communication algorithms for real-time and QoS aware networks. Special attention should be drawn to the overall project goals such as robustness but also to development constraints, such as standards and methodologies to be used, legislation to be taken into account, adaptability to future standards, and limited power supplies on mobile devices. The implementation of these concepts will be done primarily in WP 3, WP 4, and WP 5. Since WP2 elaborates the preliminary design of Task 1.2 it is necessary that results of WP 2 are fed back to the original specification. This is taken into account and will result in an extended final specification (Deliverable 1.3).

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