Work Package Number: 1

Work Package Title: System Architecture

Activity Type: RTD

Leader: AAS


This work package is the early horizontal integrative activity, which sets up a (preliminary) system architecture and specification that defines the direction of the R&D in the further work packages. To achieve this goal, WP1 has two main objectives. The first is to conduct background research with stakeholders in order to capture domain-specific knowledge that will be supplied to the other work packages. This knowledge will ground the technical research work they perform and allow for the credible assessment of research output in the context of a challenging application environment. The second major purpose is to build an overall system architecture that both uses components from other work packages, and places constraints on the work of those work packages to guarantee cohesion and ensure that integration takes place smoothly. Although this work package will result in a profound specification, the details of the results have to be elaborated and evaluated further. This is done in WP2 "System Concept and Specification".
Without prejudicing the work to be done in the project, there are a number of foundational issues that will pervade our architectural thinking. These include issues of roaming, real-time communication in WLAN, safety and security and, more generally, robustness.
In summary, the objectives of this work package are:

  • to precisely define the addressed applications incorporating knowledge from the End User Group and technical experts

  • to identify and analyse the mission critical and technical requirements and rate them according to their relative importance

  • to draft an initial architecture according to system specication and information extracted from external inputs. This description will then be picked up from technical work packages that extend and verify this architecture.

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